The aim of this project was to create a unique trail/ explorative cultural walk of Kashmiri  diaspora’s life, heritage and culture. This project was part of the wider celebration of Birmingham’s year of South Asian culture. The fun, educational, enjoyable activities were achieved through a variety of art forms and events across Birmingham  for local people and visitors from wider Britain to engage through learning and participation in events and programmes.

The project was an opportunity for local artists, performers, skilled and respected local artists to get recognition and showcase their work. The various art forms were poetry, embroidery, arts and craft, self-expression, singing, photography, and story-telling journeys of early settlement to capture the third / fourth generation lives.

The trail was an exhibition of culture, including music, art gallery displays, short films / documentaries and art workshops such as mehndi, stencils, learning to play an instrument i.e. mulli (Sitar), dhol, harmonium and flute. This project inspired artists to use contemporary technology to capture their talent and embed social media to enhance their profile as an artist. 

We are hoping to undertake this kind of festival in the future.