The Pink Tea Theatre project is an innovative project developed by CCWM to creative ways for local communities to engage, involve and take part in our theatre productions by bringing theatre at homes, local venues and open spaces. 

The Pink Tea Theatre Company’s mission is to introduce local communities to a taster, introductory and professional quality theatrical experiences in a friendly and comfortable setting.

The uniqueness of this project is to create theatre from people’s own stories and experiences as well as reviving old traditional folk stories from heritage backgrounds.

Pink Tea Theatre company works to train people from deprived backgrounds using identified themes and core areas of theatre production and creative industry such as acting, script writing, producing, film making, designing, mentoring and confidence building for people to pursue other essential courses and training which hopefully will lead into jobs, education and training in the art and wider creative industry. The project has been effected during Covid 19 but we are working with mainstream organisations to support us to continue this work.